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How to Buy

Five steps to get a Japanese car!

Step1: To Choose- Go to PROSPER to choose your car.

Step2: To Order- Go to PROSPER's order form to order your car

Step3: To Pay- Pay the total number indicated on the proforma invoice

Step4: To Ship- Leave the booking and documentation to us!

Step5: About Custom Clearance- Consult with the local clearing agents.

Step1: To Choose

Go to PROSPER's order form to order your car

1. Have not decided which car? Go to Full stock list

2. Do not know the exact model? Go to the details as below;

3. Want to know more details? Click photo or ID.

Step2: Order

Go to PROSPER's order form to order your car

1. Proceed to order form
 Click the picuter of the car you want to buy.
2. Decide final destination country and country with the port
 Shipping cost will be showed on the bottom of the page.
3. Decide options
4. Check the Total cost you are going to arrange.
 Some of country (Kenya, Tanzania, etc.) should pay the inspection fee. Click for the details
5. Submit your Order
 Now, you know the car condition and total cost to remit.
6. Print your proforma invoice out
 Click " Print " .

If you still have questions, Contact us

Step3: Pay

1. Terms of Payment: Payment in full in Advance.
2. How to transfer your money
 Telegraphic Transfer
3.Where to send the payment:
 Bank address 48,Akashi-cho,Chuoh-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo,650-0037,Japan
 Swift code BOTKJPJT
 Branch Kobe
 Branch code 581
 Account number 2605176
 Account name Prosper Co.,Ltd
Please give us the bank receipt or TT copy by e-mail or fax (+81-34-578-0399) .
After we confirm your payment, we will start to booking ship.
If your payment has not been received in time, or your car is not available.
we refund your money or you could choose the car from our stocks for the same value.

Step4: To Ship

We will do the booking and all the documents.

1. Shipment
 Please wait to receive shipping information including the departure and arrival date from us.
How long does shipment take?
2. Required Documents to receive your car
 We will send you the following Documents after the departure of the vessel.
All the documents required when you receive your car are the following package.
Bill of Lading
Other documents (depend on your country's regulation).

Step5: About Custom Clearance

Please submit the shipping documents to the shipping company for the Custom Clearance.
After you get the customs clearance done, You can get your car !
We waitng your thanks mail ! Contact us
Refer to our claim clause for details.