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    Prosper Co., Ltd.
  • Office Address :
    6-27-28 A406,Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ward,Tokyo,Japan,ZIP:160-0022
  • Tel skype:
    +81-50-5539-9816 (office)
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    English / Kiswahili / Japanese / Korean / Tagalog
  • Yosuke Hara(CEO)

    Yosuke Hara(CEO)

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    My status

    My name is Yosuke Hara.
    I am the president of PROSPER CO LTD.
    We supply good quality cars worldwide.
    Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs.

    check our website and free to choose your
    dream car now!

    Thank you!

  • Yuko Tsushima (Kiswahili / English)

    Yuko Tsushima (Kiswahili / English)

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    My status

    My name is Yuko Tsushima.I can speak Swahili language.
    I have worked in Africa for many years, and I hope African friends to find your desired cars! Ili watu wapate magari.Unaweza kuwasiliana na mimi kwa lugha tatu, Kiswahili, Japanese na Kingereza . Asanteni.



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    My status

    Hi, I am Jack, a staff prepared to help you find the dreamed car! I promise that you will get the dreamed car at very competitive price and in a good quality. Please also remember that we can modify it to your desire before leaving Japan as it is cheaper to do so here.



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    My status

    I’m Mr. taka.
    I am the MECHANIC DIRECTOR of Prosper Co. ltd.
    I am expert about cars, so feel free to contact me, any matter regarding to your offer car.
    I will do my best to assist you.
    Thank you!

  • Mika Aoyuki(SALES) 

    Mika Aoyuki(SALES) 

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    My status

    Hi.! My name is mika, usually my new friends/customers from different countries pronounce my name
    As “Hi-ro”… You may call me MIKA or MI-KA it does not really matter, what matters to me most is the good RELATIONSHIP that
    A SELLER and a BUYER could do. am sure I will be more good enough in assisting you in giving you good quality cars.. (^__^) p

  • miki kawai(English)

    miki kawai(English)

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    My status


    I have served fellows from Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, Fiji, Thailand and Bangladesh (Diplomat People).

    I have assisted customer’s need in business and timely manner.

    I would love to see more happy and satisfied customers get the car in their dreams.

    So if you if you got car in your dreams now, let me be the one to fulfill your dreams into reality!

    Karibu kila mtu!

    Mobile: +81-50-5809-5051

  • Were Anekeya (Kiswahili / English)

    Were Anekeya (Kiswahili / English)

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    My status

    Saa hii niko kwa Kenya.

    My name is Anekeya H. Were.
    I invite all people globally to purchase cars from us,
    through research,
    it's the best in Japan that can drive your dreams to reality.
    My fellow friends believe in my statement because I have had to assist many people who have send money to other companies and did not receive their cars.

  • Arigato Japan

    Arigato Japan

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    My status

    Arigatou Japan Trading and Supply Co., Inc.
    (Philippines branch)

    Mga Higala,

    Kami ang garantisado ug kasaligan
    bahin sa inyong pangandoy
    nga maangkon nga sakyanan.

    Mobile: +63-32-238-5153

  • Mayu Shimizu(English)

    Mayu Shimizu(English)

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    My status

    Hello! My name is Mayu Shimizu, a Customer Service Representative.

    It is my devotion to serve customers to build and establish good relationships.

    I believe that customer should always be treated right!

    Customer’s welfare is just as important as the customer’s sale.

    In short, customer satisfaction is our concern.

    Please don`t hesitate to contact me and I will be glad and willing to assist you.

    Add me on your facebook http://www.facebook.com/mayu.shimizu.9

  • Kei  Omori (English)

    Kei Omori (English)

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    My status

    My name is KEI my experties of dealing and assisting customers is my passion,
    If you need to have an Excellent Condition Cars with Excellent Customer Care!!
    Just dont hesitate to contact me!! I will assist you in your most convenient time! Be my friend on FaceBook http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100001309120199&sk=info